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Catching Rae

Manspiration: Rules Do Not Apply

Today’s inspiration: Alx Rose! 

Instead of literally dressing like Axl today, which I’m sure tons and tons of people do daily, I wanted to celebrate his spirit of I don’t give a sh*t. Catcher’s pads as a tank top. Football jersey as sexy crop top. Kilt as rock n’ roll midi skirt. Whatever. If it had red plaid on it, he rocked it out like he was a found art sculpture. 

For myself, I paired Axl’s signature color and appropriated my workout shorts as casual wear, then tossed on a cognac leather vest in honor of his awesome hair and why-not attitude. Not bad for a trip to the library. ;)

Now, not everyone out there feels like bringing an anachronistic 80s vibe to their daily outfits, but the lesson here is to think outside the closet for some quirky personal touches. It doesn’t have to be a catchers’ uniform, either. Small details like nut-and-bolt cufflinks can make a difference as well. A history teacher of mine used to use a dried poppy flower as a boutonnière - much more subtle and sophisticated than a graphic tee with Oscar Wilde on the front. 

Wearing everyday objects in unintended ways shows creativity, confidence, diverse interests, and just a touch of arrogance. If this describes you, then why not give it a try?