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Catching Rae

Dried Herb & Biscay Bay

Occasion: Flea market hunting
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 90°F (humid)
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Helmut Lang tank, AllSaints jeans, Crocs sandals, Raen sunnies, unbranded crossbody bag (bought downtown).

SoCal's heat wave is relenting just a bit this week but, with temperatures still in the 80s, it's not time to break out the puffer vests just yet. Continuing my strategies for dealing with Hotumn, I'm once again reaching deep into my Summer wardrobe for Fall colors and trends - today's combo focusing on "Dried Herb" and "Biscay Bay."

Dried Herb and Biscay Bay are part of Pantone's predictions for the trendiest colors of the Fall 2015 season (click over to Pantone for the full Fashion Color Report). This prediction is not only a wonderful way to plan your shopping list for the coming months, but also a handy dandy cheat sheet to help zero in on trendy colors you already own. In my case, "olive" and "teal" are part of my regular set of signature colors - not quite the official Pantone colors, but adequately herbal and... bay-ish... to get me by with out purchasing new digs.

Since it was just cool enough to tolerate pants, I opted for my roomy Allsaints jeans, which allowed for air flow and provided a nod to another Fall trend: cropped hem lengths. I paired the crops with dark wedge sandals to keep the leg line long. The tortoise sunglass frames and bronzed camo bag added another earthy, autumnal color element.

Pantone's colors may not be your favorite colors, so you should never run out and buy them just because they are trendy, seasonal, or just plain different from the colors currently boring you to death. This also doesn't mean that you should shun any of your signature colors just because they aren't on The List. But if you're looking to stretch your existing closet to feel more current and trendy - or if you want to add more colors for a bit of fun and excitement - the Fashion Color Report can provide a nice jumping-off point.