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The Hassles of Hotumn

People say we don't have seasons here in Los Angeles, but I say our seasons are just more laid back and subtle than everyone else is used to. Right now, for instance, LA is in the throws of a season that comes after Summer and just before Fall - I unaffectionately refer to this season as "Hotumn." 

Hotumn comes right at the start of the new school year, when your mom has stocked your closet full of exciting new clothes that are bound to impress everyone. This is the time of change! This is when you reboot your image! Turn it all around! Show everyone how cool and trendy you are! 

Except it's freaking 90 degrees outside, and by lunch your fancy new corduroy jeans are glued to your legs with sweat and you've abandoned your pretty wool sweater in favor of the stupid, ugly, ill-fitting t-shirt they issued you in gym class. 

I struggled with this time of year for ages, unable to reconcile the weather with the autumnal expectation of change. By September, I'm always sick of my summery staples and dreaming of flannels and duck boots. The struggle subsided once I decided to treat this time of year as its own thing and create a wardrobe capsule that melds Summer and Fall. 

For this outfit specifically, I bowed to the heat and humidity by wearing shorts, sandals, and an airy silk tank. However, I also chose the decidedly un-summery palette of olive green, cognac, black, and tan - and topped the whole thing with a trench that, for all its lightweight breathability, still provides some of the coverage and structure I adore about Fall outerwear. In general, my Hotumn capsule features:

  • Fall colors
  • Fall accessory trends
  • Summer fabrics like Tencel/Rayon/Lyocell/Cotton/Knit Linen
  • High-vamped footwear like booties, shooties, and cage sandals
  • Unlined outerwear
  • Vests
  • Cropped/Midi/Bermuda length pants and skirts
  • Airy boyfriend jeans

How do you deal with heat and humidity when all you want is an alpaca turtleneck poncho and leather leggings?

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