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Throwback Wedding Style (four years and many inches of hair ago...)

"All the Way out to Space": our wedding song, written and performed by my Mate, Todd. 

Today was my four-year wedding anniversary, so I felt a little wedding style (and gushing) was in order. Yay! 

I'm terrible at herding large groups, and my hubby is violently allergic to most social "shoulds," so our wedding was super relaxed and low-key, decorations courtesy of the cheap showiness of nature. ;)

Hubby and I are both practical people, dedicated to saving money, so we agreed on a very minimal wedding budget out of principle as much as anything else (seriously, why do I see so many cheap prom dresses priced to kill just because they're white??). I initially made my own infinity-style gown, however, two weeks before the day rolled around, I realized had dieted myself out of it. The incomparable forum over at helped me hunt down feasible options in a huge rush, and I ended up nabbing this shadow striped BCBG on Ebay for about $200. Hubby, that slim devil, escaped with a suit from H&M and a Ben Sherman shadow striped tie. We asked that our 10 guests all wear something blue. 

I loved how our clean lines and b/w outfits contrasted against the warm, natural setting. That contrast helped keep us the center of interest in our photos, plus it gave off the sense of formality and seriousness we desired. The wildflower bouquet was chosen for its joyful and exuberant colors. Overall, our wedding style truly reflected our combined modern-traditional, practical-yet-roguish personalities and, I think, created a nice little launching pad for our life together.