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5-Minute No-Sew Neckline Alteration with Iron-On Bias Tape

Shampooing the carpets today, but here’s a quick and dirty idea on how to salvage some of those dresses or tops hanging in the closet with strangling necklines that make your chest look three feet tall. I do own and (sometimes) use a sewing machine, but on complicated, dainty, or low-priority items... I really can’t be bothered. Enter Iron-On Bias Tape.


1. Lay out your piece to be altered and give it a quick pass with the iron to make sure it lays flat.


2. Use an existing neckline that works for you to trace out a new neckline. Yes, that’s a crayon.


3. Peel off the sticky back of the Iron-On Bias tape, stick it to the edge of the line you drew, and iron the tape to form a permanent bond. If you don’t want a huge, contrasting, gold metallic border (but why not??), you can either coordinating tape and/or affix the tape to the inside of the item.


4. Cut along the outside edge of the bias tape (the part that will newly expose your chest), and throw out that extra neck stuff. Bing! Done and ready to wear in five. Because wearing a neckline that is too high for you not only looks unflattering but also “feels like being strangled by a really weak guy - all day.”

Rachel KlewickiComment