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Warming Up to LA Autumn

rachel klewicki personal stylist los angeles

Occasion: Shopping for clients, running errands

Dress Code: Casual

Outdoor Temps: 61°-79°F

Activity Level: Moderate


One funny thing about living in Southern California is that our seasons are not what other parts of the country would call Seasons. Today, smack in the latter half of October, we pushed 80° - and of course we have all those outdoor shopping centers which don't provide the same A/C escape as in days of yore. This means I often have to dress for summer temperatures even when my mind has already jumped ahead to Fall fashion. Staying cool is especially important if I need to bend, reach, haul, lift, and dig around in a closet/store/flea market. If you live in a warm climate and take your kids to the park mid-day, you might be able to relate to the reaching, hauling, and lifting! 


To feel more autumnal, I like to reach for my dark and earthy items instead of summery brights. My silk top, basketball shorts, and cardigan are all loose, light, and breathable, but they also bring the daaaarkness. The tan bag is a brighter color but its warmth still recalls fallen leaves. If you find yourself sick and tired of pulling on the same old sundresses with Thanksgiving around the corner, consider investing in dark-colored, summer-weight items. Think black, navy, gray, brown, taupe, olive, burgundy, plum...


Another small way I sometimes cheat the weather is to wear long items even though they won't be heavy or warm. These basketball shorts look more covered and cuddly than cutoff denim shorts. The long duster edges its way into coat territory. If I was dressing for less activity, I could have also worn linen pants or ripped (read: ventilated!) jeans. 


The final element that helps this outfit feel like Fall to me is the closed toe on the shoes. I initally tried my sandals, but the combo felt off and looked top heavy. The studded mules grounded the outfit and provided just enough coverage to be appropriate. 


Do you change up your clothing even though temperatures might stay the same? 

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