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Review: Lo & Sons OMG Gym/Work/Travel Tote

A while back, I ordered a really cool bag from Lo & Sons, hoping to find that perfect tote that could serve as my personal item on a plane - and also as a gym bag during a normal week at home. 

The OMG is the smaller of their two "overnight bags" and features a boarding bag type sleeve to attach it to your luggage, a nice large outer pocket, a padded laptop sleeve, zip pocket, and the selling point that hooked me: a separate compartment for shoes (I may want to launder my clothes after wearing them, but I still don't want them stomped on by dirty soles that have trod all over who knows what). 

I really appreciated the high quality fabric, dressy zippers, and elegant leather handles. I really wanted something that would not look out of place if I had to carry it with me in my street clothes, and this would have fit the bill. 

As you can see in the photo, below, the zipper doesn't really extend down the sides of the bag, though, making it a bit hard to pry the sides apart to see what's inside or insert/remove items. However, if you are only using this as a briefcase for your laptop and files, you might appreciate the security of a zipper that is less accessible. 

I first tested the bag's capacity by packing it both with my gym items, and I was able to comfortably fit my spandex top, spandex bottom, towel, and toiletries in the main compartment after putting my shoes into the shoe sleeve (the smaller brown zipper just below the gold zipper). 

Then I also tested packing this bag with street clothes, imagining that I was taking off my street clothes at the gym and would not be changing back into them after my workout. I comfortably fit my jeans, underthings, top, and toiletries into the main compartment with my booties in the shoe sleeve. Note, my gym towel no longer fit with my bulky jeans inside. 

Here's a shot of the bulkiest shoes that fit: my Matisse leopard ankle booties. 

Overall, I was severely tempted to keep the bag. However, the sticking point for me was that the luggage sleeve did not accommodate the width of the telescoping handle of my luggage (I use a World's Lightest frameless suitcase by It Luggage). Most people with a standard luggage style will not have this problem, but I had to work within my own reality and ultimately returned the bag. 

Customer service was quick and friendly processing my return. I simply had to email the company for an authorization, after which they very thoughtfully asked which luggage I use so that they would know about it for the future. 

Even though this bag didn't work for me, I would definitely recommend it to others who are looking for a versatile gym bag with an upscale, elegant appearance. I searched for a LONG time, and IMO most gym bags make no attempt to blend in with a professional wardrobe; the OMG (and larger OG) was literally the only one I found that married practical function like the shoe compartment with a professional style. 

Also check out Lo & Sons for other "thoughtfully designed yet stylish travel bags" for men and women, available from $95 for a smartphone wristlet to $448 for a large leather tote that can fit a 15" laptop. 

I have no affiliation with Lo & Sons, and I paid full price for this bag with absolutely no compensation for writing this review.