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Catching Rae

Random Outfit Generator

Occasion: holiday trip to USPS
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 70°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Vince "Paper" leather jacket, gifted scarf (American Eagle? I cut off the tag and can't remember), Sanrio tee shirt, True Religion "Cameron" jeans, Kelsi Dagger bag, Structure beanie, Kenneth Cole booties.

You know those days when you've got plenty of time to do your errands - until you chillax so much that you only have ten minutes to get dressed and do your errands before the post office closes? That's when I'm glad that my closet can function as a Random Outfit Generator.

The Random Outfit generator isn't for everyone - some people crave so much color variety that they need wide selection of colors and a lot of time to create edgy combinations that go together. For many of us, however, a wardrobe centered on a few signature colors that mix and match easily actually creates more outfit permutations - and creates them much more easily - than a wardrobe with lots of oddball colors.

When you have too many disjointed colors to work with, you are faced with a lot of trial and error in outfit creation. You may not have ever tested citron and puce together before, and by the time you figure out that you don't like it, you're down a good 5 minutes of precious get-ready time. Conversely, when you know for sure that everything in your closet a) looks great with your skin and b) pairs well with everything else in there, you can pretty much get dressed in the dark and still look put together - leaving your time and brain power free to worry about things like the weather, dress code, et al. 

The point of my story is: this outfit is made up of 50% pajamas, and I like it. Tada!