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What to Get a Comfort-Driven Guy

Hi, all! I'm back from my Thanksgiving travels, and although Black Friday has come and gone, I know many of us have those few stumpers in our lives for whom we still need to buy a thoughtful, personal gift. For those times when a bottle of wine won't do, I'll be going through gift ideas for different archetypes over the next few days. 

First up: The Comfort-Driven Guy!

The Comfort-Driven Guy always wears sweats or cargo shorts because jeans are too stiff or hot. He prefers his hoodie because sport coats and other woven fabrics feel restricting. He hangs on to ancient and threadbare tee shirts because dammit. they. are. so. soft. If you are thinking of getting "Something Nice" for The Comfort-Driven Guy, thinking that he just never thought of it before, I'm here to tell you that he probably has some of those things moldering in the back of the closet, because they are not realistic for his personality or lifestyle. You gotta work within the system here and search for "Something Nice" that's also so comfortable and easy that it's niceness will not scare him away. ;)

  • Breathable denim or slacks - lately the trend in denim for men has either been to be a tighter skinny fit or a heavier, raw/selvedge type fabric. But some brands have caught on to the need for cooler pants. The Kuhl Air pants listed above were a hit and are so light that they have kept guys cooler than their shorts. My husband has the Tommy Bahama jeans and felt reasonably comfy even at 70 degrees. 

  • Soft-knit structured toppers - nothing beats a sweatshirt that disguises itself as a blazer. Everybody wins! The Howe version above even has a faux hoodie built in...

  • Vented/Gusseted woven shirts - you may be surprised at the styles that outdoor brands have on offer these days (it's not all fisherman's vests and camo print). Kuhl and Columbia in particular make really nice button-front styles equipped with vents and gussets and stretch fabrics to make sure a dude can move with ease. I like the dressier-looking solid colors (try to avoid khaki to make it look less camp-counselor-ish).
  • Soft-and-solid tee shirts - tee shirts can be soft and comfy straight from the store - and they don't have to be those "vintage wash" graphic tees. James Perse is a favorite for my clients, despite the price tag. Uniqlo's pima cotton crews are not *quite* as soft, but they have also been a hit at a lower price point.
  • Comfort-Brand shoes - Sore feet can really ruin a person's day, and comfortable shoes literally take the pain out of dressing up for many guys. Mephisto is an awesome brand that is worth the price because of the great work they do with their footbeds, styles that fit orthotics, and great refurbishment options to keep the shoes looking great for years. Other brands that my guys love include Ecco (soft and comfy if he doesn't need too much support), Dansko (firm for those that do need support), and Crocs (far and away my favorite travel shoes due to the way the Crosslite fabric relieves pressure). 

Last but not least, I have to veer away from the style factor for a moment and also suggest getting The Comfort-Driven Guy some really kick-butt sunscreen that will not run into their eyes. I have never had much problem with this myself, but plenty of the men in my family have refused sunscreen in order to protect their peepers. My absolute favorite is Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard, which lives up to its no-run promise and feels great on the skin. 

I'd also love to hear about any favorites of your Comfort-Driven Guys!