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Catching Rae

The Vest that Insisted on Christmas

Occasion: Christmas Day breakfast, walk with The Husband
Dress Code: Festive!
Outdoor Temps: 55°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Foxcroft button-front, Marni Long Leather Vest, McGuire jeans, Brahmin Vivian Vineyard bag, Apepazza booties.

For all my talk about wardrobe planning and patience, there are times when one simply feels open to a little sartorial surprise - you have the budget and space, and you're in the mood for something different, even if you don't know what that is quite yet. This is the perfect time to hit up a thrift store - which is exactly where my BFF brought me to celebrate my birthday this month!

Thrift stores are an awesome source of style refreshers (and style experiments) for a few reasons:

  • they exist outside the constraints of current trends, so the selection is automatically different from that of retail stores
  • the pricing is much lower than new items, so you can often nab better quality for your dollar
  • the one-off nature of the store really forces you to look at pieces up close, one by one - so different things might catch your eye

Now onto the vest... 

I went into this thrift store on the hunt for a mauve top and black flared jeans... but when Amanda found this red leather beauty for $40 - OMG, it's a Marni - it obviously felt like fate. And when it rung up at half price because it had a green price tag, it felt like fate throwing me a surprise birthday party!

For Christmas, I didn't want to end up feeling too Nutcracker-Little-Drummer-Boy-ish, so I paired my new vest with crazy black and white patterns and faded black jeans to soften up the vast expanse of bright red. And... that's really all there was to it, because what else do you need when you're covered from neck to knees in a red leather vest?

P.S. A huge public shout-out and thank you is due to Amanda for a) being awesome enough to love thrifting in the first place, b) being generous enough to share your secret thrift spots with moi, and c) graciously allowing me to take this bad boy home without an epic throw-down of fisticuffs. <3