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My Soft Spot for Rigid Fabrics (Especially During the Holidays)

Occasion: Errands, lunch, holiday stuff with The Husband
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 65°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Lululemon jacket, basic juniors brand tee shirt, mystery brand Japanese jeans, Dr. Martens boots, Kelsi Dagger bag.

These jeans are awesome. They are one of my most prized possessions. I got them while on my celebratory trip to Japan after graduating college, which was in 2006. Let me tell you: Japanese sizes are much much much smaller than American sizes. This was the largest size of jean carried in the entire store, and the fabric does not stretch. 

I haven't fit into these jeans in years. 

The bad part of that is that, well, I couldn't wear them for years. The good part is that, now that I can wear them again, I have a good gauge for how much damage the holidays are or are not doing to the ol' waistline (although in my case, it's more like the ol' hipline). 

Stretch fabrics are such a godsend for many reasons - they allow much slimmer fits, greater ease of movement, and less tailoring. However, with spandex hiding in pretty much everything nowadays, it is more difficult to maintain awareness of body changes. By the time some things feel tight, you're a completely different size and shape. Rigid fabrics, on the other hand, don't grow with you - depending on how tailored the garment is, you may feel a change by the end of a single meal.

I'm not saying to run out and buy a full body cast to torture yourself with this holiday season - but if you're like me and get a little worried about over-indulging throughout the winter, maybe try reaching for your starchy, tailored, un-stretchable pieces a little more often than normal. 

Of course if you are ready to throw off the gloves and indulge, by all means, bring on the "eatin' pants!" Because it's all about what brings you and yours the most joy.