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Holiday Shopping with Spring on the Brain

Click through to my Spring/Summer/Resort board.

Click through to my Spring/Summer/Resort board.

Just a quick thought before I hit the road for the day: consider keeping your finger on the Spring/Summer pulse as you do your holiday shopping this year. Why?

By the time Christmas and Hanukkah come around, Winter is starting - which means the F/W fashion season is half over. All those cuddly sweaters on the racks will surely get immediate use - which is fun, don't get me wrong! - but the really heavy stuff will probably become unwearable by March. Seasonless or lightweight items, on the other hand, can be layered now and also used as stand-alone pieces in the spring. 

Trends change over time, too, so I love to take a minute and let the Resort and Spring/Summer collections soak into my brain before hitting the mall. This isn't an obsessive process, since gift-buying ultimately has more to do with the recipient than it does with fashion, but it's nice to have this knowledge in your back pocket while shopping to help choose colors and styles that will feel current the longest. Right now, I'm eyeballing uneven hems, long toppers, patchy prints, high vamps, boots, knee shorts, shades of red, 70s bohemia, 90s sporty/grungy/lacy stuff, and an interesting perverse preppy look. 

If you live in a warmer environment, these seasons are going to be your dominant seasons as well - meaning you can wear this stuff right now if you so please. It's a nice way to get more bang for your buck in the Southwestern-ish part of the country. 

Now go forth, and be shoppy!