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With the hardcore shopping season ramping up, I really felt like taking a day to appreciate a few things I already own - and have owned for a number of years. Shopping is fun, and new stuff can liven up a wardrobe when it feels boring, but shopping isn't the only way to celebrate fashion and style. In fact, keeping certain pieces over the course of many years is a nice way to establish continuity in your personal style. 

I can't remember how long ago I first encountered these Matisse "Nugent" booties, but it was 2011 or earlier, because that's the earliest You Look Fab post I can find that mentions them. I initially bought them in the dalmatian colourway, but returned them because the white seriously shortened my leg line. Years later, I encountered them again on two fashionable friends and decided to give them another go in the leopard print. I've now had them since 2013, and they're still getting lots of use. Matisse seems to agree with my love for them, since they have brought the style back in various colors

I've had this B. Makowsky "Rebel" bag since at least 2010. It was the very first purchase I ever price-stalked - saw it at TJ Maxx, then waited and waited and finally nabbed it on Ebay. It's not the most current or edgy of bags, but I still enjoy the smooshy leather, brushed nickel hardware, and contrast stitching. Since the look was never particularly trendy, it isn't super dated yet, so I continue to take advantage of its conveniently convertible strap and easy-access phone pocket.

The jeans are a custom job from, a denim company I reviewed back in 2012. They are soft, lightweight, and literally made for me, so I'm not likely to ever give them up - in fact, I kinda look forward to the street cred I will claim when they're legitimately worn-out and threadbare. ;) 

The newest item of the lot is this cold-shoulder, button-front shirt... and it's only new to me. I bought it at the swap meet for fifty cents earlier this summer (I may need to take it to the tailor now), and I have no idea how old it is, but the style is still well represented in stores. Despite the trendy cutouts, I'm hoping that the otherwise plain design of this shirt will allow me to wear it for years to come. 

None of these items are the "classic investment items every woman should own," but they have definitely become my classics

One of these days, I'll also show you my Japanese jeans from 2006...