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What's Bad About "Too Good" & "Good Enough"

As I go through seasonal purging with my clients, we always touch on the twin subjects of clothes that are Too Good and clothes that are Good Enough. 

Too Good items are those that we feel like "saving" for a special occasion, trotting out like fancy china only when "someone important" will be watching. Good Enough items are those that we feel like "saving" from the purging pile for times when "nobody important" will be watching. 

But aren't the most important people in your life the ones you see every day - your spouse, your kids, your loved ones, and yourself? Your best people should get to enjoy your best things.

I'm not saying to wear your delicate, sequined ball gown to work in the garden; I am saying that there's no good reason to wear your threadbare, too-small, uncomfortable, unflattering sweat pants that make you want to hide from your children because you hate your body... even if you're just going to work in the garden. Your cute jeans shorts can handle it. Really. Jeans were invented for gold miners, after all.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories are generally manufactured in bulk, and new styles are released every single season. They can be washed, repaired, altered, and replaced ad infinitum, as long as there are people and fabric. Who cares if your favorite tee shirt gets dirty sometimes - that's why we have washing machines and seamstresses! And when an awesome, flattering piece gets a little bit worse for wear, it can always be demoted to a more casual mode of existence - from business casual to casual-casual, for example. 

YOU are a one-of-a-kind, single-run, never-to-be-replicated miracle on legs - even with the best care, you'll probably last less than 100 years. So let me leave you with this:

  • Life is too short to choose things that are bad.
  • Your outfits are your choice.
  • Choosing to look bad will just make you feel bad. 
  • .˙. You should never choose to keep or wear anything that makes you feel bad!

That's ironclad logic right there.

Debate closed. ;)