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How to Not Dress Like a Tourist


This fast, easy trick uses the same process you might use to bake a meatloaf, change a spark plug, or grab the last and final word on that Philosophy discussion at dinner: the all-knowing Google. Seriously, before you go on a trip to a new city or country, take a minute to realize that you don’t need to dress like you’re going on an African Safari (unless, you know, you are going on an African Safari).

1. Google “street style” and your destination city. If your city does not pop up with anything good, widen your search to the next large metropolis, or to the state, or to the country.


2. Filter for a “custom range” of time. The past month or so would be just fine to provide a look at the current trends and weather, unless your trip is planned far in advance and you want to specifically look at monsoon season, for example.


3. Take note of the main themes that stand out to you, especially those that you can replicate from within your own closet. Even if it’s as simple as noticing that the locals are more dressy/casual/urban/sporty than you usually are, it’s a nice place to jump off from when you create your packing list. You don’t have to go out and buy an urban hip hop costume or anything, just keep in mind that you can skew your own comfortable travel style to blend in at your destination. And hey, if no one looks concerned that they might not be able to find water for days on end, you probably don’t need to clip a canteen to your belt.


4. Get lost in translation - if you would normally wear your workout sneakers for a day of walking, but you are traveling to a very dressy, proper-looking city, maybe you can wear comfortable loafers instead. If you would normally bring a leather backpack where everyone looks ready for constant rain, try a stylish nylon or vegan backpack. If you have to pick up a few new things to account for a huge weather disconnect, that’s totally fine, but just remember to be yourself - not a cartoon tourist. Because you want to look your best when immortalized in Those Vacation Photos That Last Forever, right? :)




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