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Repost: Why I Don't Shop Black Friday for Clothes

Originally posted 11/07/2014

  • Many stores and brands make special products just for sales using inferior materials or construction. Less stitches per inch, poly lining instead of acetate, rubber soles instead of leather... I don't get a better deal, because the value is compromised.
  • I probably don't want the doorbuster items... and the job of the sales rep is to show you all the better, new things at full price. 
  • If I go in with sale blinders, I will probably buy something I didn't need in the first place. Conversely, if I stalk a beloved item until it gets reduced, I get exactly what I want. 
  • Crowds and time limitations create sales pressure that I don't enjoy. I want to take my time and really consider a purchase when shopping retail. 
  • Crowds also make it harder to browse and find your size/color/brand.  
  • I can usually find something better for less money by shopping past season or used. 
  • There are plenty of great clearance sales before Black Friday! Again, shopping end-of-season usually yields a better-quality product for less. 
  • The discounts aren't that great to begin with! Why risk getting elbowed in the face over 30% off when regular clearance sales net discounts of 60%+?
  • Oh, and the "discount" was probably calculated after a markup, too. They can put whatever "original price" on the ticket that they want. 
  • Wasting holiday time waiting in lines stinks! 
  • Spending the holidays working terrible hours stinks for the employees. Many stores don't allow workers to take time off during their sales... and the sales start earlier every year. I personally don't like the idea of supporting company policies that undermine the values of Thanksgiving.