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Catching Rae

What's Inside Matters

Occasion: walk through the park, grocery shopping, frozen yogurt date
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 64°F, windy
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Atmosphere suede trench, BP denim-look rayon shirt, McGuire jeans, Stuart Weitzman "Semi" OTK boots

Ugh, I am SICK - at least with my yearly sinus infection, possibly the flu - so this could be the last new outfit I post for a while. 

In any case, the stars of this outfit are actually the garment linings. This outfit only does what I need it to do because the linings are made of breathable materials. The Husband walks fast and waits for no one, so even on a casual outing, I need my clothes to allow me very brisk movements without making me swampy. 

The suede trench was a long-ago $5 find - had it since at least 2013. Near as I can tell, Atmosphere was a brand that was sold by UK retailer Primark, and probably wasn't very expensive new. It is, however, genuine suede with (my favorite part) an acetate lining that allows me to actually wear it out for cold-weather walks without plastic-induced sweat freezing on my body. This trench is one of my first brushes with a nice, breathable, high-quality lining, and I've since become a tough customer with such things. Tangent: if you need to find a breathable lining here in the US, I usually search higher-end brands like Nicole Miller, Vince, Eileen Fisher, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, etc. Online listings for items don't always include lining material, so don't be afraid to email or call to find out. 

The other integral lining lives inside my Stuart Weitzman "Semi" OTK boots. These retail for quite the pretty penny but, since they are lined in real leather, you can really stomp around all day with toasty dry feet. Most synthetic linings trap heat and body moisture, which is not only uncomfortable but also a prime breeding ground for foot fungus. This is important to know about all shoes in general - and even more important when your boot covers 2/3 of your leg. Lining type is almost always included in online product listings these days, and they can generally be found on shoes that retail for at least $100 and boots that retail for at least $200. However, there are definitely better and worse deals to be found, so always make sure to check for yourself. 

Acetate and leather are just two types of breathable linings; other good ones can include cotton, cotton jersey, silk, bemberg, rayon, and "technical" polyester (fancy, space-age polyesters used by higher end gear stores like Lululemon, Nau, Icebreaker, etc.). They are generally either natural fibers or manmade fibers made from natural materials. When in doubt, we are lucky enough that we can pull out a phone and look up a fiber's properties - and if nothing else, wear the piece for a minute and really try to put it through its paces.