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Catching Rae

Camo Kitty

Occasion: 12 hour day of home organization for my client, styling, personal shopping, and a post-work event planning meeting.
Dress Code: Functional
Outdoor Temps: 87°F
Activity Level: Moderate - High
Wearing: Equipment shirt dress, Raen sunnies, Loungefly Loves Hello Kitty bag (!), Worishofer shoes, vintage cuff bracelet.

Whew, this was a jam-packed day that demanded a ton of versatility from my outfit. I needed to be able to heft boxes, climb stairs, pop out to posh Westwood Village, and still meet up with my business colleagues for dinner without a pit stop at home. All with temperatures still hovering around 90. This meant I had to wear something at least a little bit upscale that could survive a lot of movement, humidity, and sweat... eeew. 

Still, with all that said, I'm a sentimental gal, and the outfit really started with my kick-butt new Hello Kitty bag! This was a gift from my wonderfully fantabulous friend Wendy, whom I cannot thank enough. Wendy and I share a certifiable HK obsession, and this bag perfectly combines the HK factor with the classically quilted Chanel chain bag reference - so cheeky I can't stand it. Anyway, while the bag choice was emotional, it was thankfully functional as well - the bag is large and structured enough to house my notebooks, pens, sunglasses, and various other paraphernalia in a neat and easily-searched fashion.

The clothes were chosen for their combination of glamour and comfort. The Equipment dress is silk and the iconic Equipment camp shirt style - luxe yet breezy with a print that literally camouflages any possible scuffs and sweat stains. The Worishofer sandals are ancient, but shiny and perfectly worn in. If you ever need a pair of German orthopedic sandals that still look awesome and edgy, I highly recommend these puppies.

In other news, I do have a real-life closet cleaning post in the works, so stay tuned to see theory put into action!