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Catching Rae

Off the Chopping Block

Occasion: Two five-hour closet clean outs, shopping, birthday dinner for a close friend
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 86°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Improvd leather jacket, Gizel dress, Tsubo sandals, Kelsi Dagger bag. 

I recreated this outfit to share with you because it held up beautifully to a super long day with some super diverse events to attend. It had to go from a cool morning with air conditioning to a warm afternoon digging through a huge walk-in closet to an evening birthday party at a trendy restaurant. The key was pairing a really comfortable (yet interesting) dress with a festive topper - and the exciting thing about that is that both of these items almost got tossed out of my closet. 

I have this exact same jacket in black, and I love it to the ends of the earth... so when I saw it on Ebay in red, I pounced on it. The problem with that was that I, uh, ended up with the exact same jacket. Just in red. It didn't give me any additional utility in my wardrobe, and most of the year it is too hot to wear either of them. But instead of tossing the red jacket and buying something else for warmer weather, I chopped off the sleeves and reinforced the weave with iron-on hem tape. Two problems solved, and now I wear this jacket all the time as a transitional piece. 

The dress was a straight-up shopping mistake. I loved the mesh, draping, post-apocalyptic dye job, and the fifty-cent price tag... but it had a bubble hem and long sleeves. I hate bubble hems and long sleeves. But it was only fifty cents, and it wasn't something worth reselling, so out came the scissors once again. I was not as sure that this would help as I was with the jacket but, again, it wasn't a big investment to begin with - I could either not wear it as a bubble, or I could not wear it because I'd destroyed it. ;) Luckily, I love how it turned out.

Now, the pitfall for DIY salvage projects is that it can be so easy to forget to be picky while shopping, assuming that you can always alter it if it doesn't work out. Don't do that! Salvage jobs should be just that: salvage jobs - last ditch efforts to save items that would otherwise be a loss.

But in those cases... what do you have to lose?