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Catching Rae

Back from an unexpected hiatus, friends! I got caught up in a frenzy of 12-hour work days, long recovery sleeps, and various mad scrambles at the end of last month - but it’s a new day today, and I’m ready to talk clothes again!

I’ll keep it relatively short for this outfit post, but c’mon, how much have you missed flared jeans? Hubby cannot stop complimenting my flares, not-so-subtly hoping it will keep me from reverting back to skinnies and boyfriends. While I still do love those other cuts, I can see why flares and bootcuts were our faves for so long; I feel like my whole body shape changes in these. However, I did have to re-learn a few things about them:

-Oh yeah, that whole hemming thing... bah, you mean I can’t wear the same flares with flats and platforms? And I have to make a trip to the tailor if I don’t want to rock 4” heels with my pants off the rack? Hm, maybe that’s why I have so many skinnies. But it’s worth it for a nice, long leg line when I am wearing heels. 

-Knockout flares need a knockout knee fit! I tried on a bunch of flares before my love for this shape fully rekindled. The key? It’s not all about the booty with these babies. To truly get a great feeling of balance and sleek legginess, the knee break should be as fitted as possible and hit at your actual knees. Petites especially will still feel wide, dumpy, and unbalanced in a big ol’ flared leg combined with a baggy, misplaced knee joint. Be picky - and/or make friends with an affordable tailor.

-Tops matter. It seems like you should be able to wear the same basic tee shirt with either skinnies or flares, but I don’t find that that works for me. Because of the extra volume on bottom, I end up treating my flares more like skirts: I love them paired with a shorter, more fitted top. Makes me remember why baby tees felt so awesome in the ‘90s. Don’t get me wrong, I think a tunic looks super modern paired with flares, and the last thing I want is to look like I saved all my outfits from jr. high. But to keep the look feeling slim, you might try softly draped fabrics, narrower cuts, asymmetric tunic hems , and cropped top layers. 

Enjoy the flares, everyone! Especially you, Hubs. I know I’ll be back to skinnies once the winter comes and my boot collection roars into full force. :)