Subliminal Style
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Catching Rae

Occasion: 2 Hour Hike
Dress Code: Active
Outdoor Temps: 65°F
Activity Level: High
Wearing: Lululemon tank, Adidas shorts, Nike sneaks, juniors’ brand jacket, TUMI backpack

Hm, that first photo is sort of reminiscent of copping a squat in the woods, isn’t it? ;) But I’m going to run with it anyway, because that image actually resonates with a topic on which multiple clients have requested elaboration: reconciling one’s personal style with the necessities of workout gear. 

Last post, I talked about the possibility of wearing street clothes for light-moderate activities, and I definitely stand by that option. If the outfit does not inhibit movement or violate a dress code, then why the heck not wear it to ride a bike or chase the kids in the park? But my gym, for example, specifically forbids the wearing of street clothes. And once you really start sweating and lifting weights and jogging, for example, you really don’t want your designer jeans glued to your legs with sweat. But what if you need to stop by the grocery or coffee shop or Kinko’s or office on the way home? Things happen, and sometimes you just don’t want the world to see you at your lumpy-spandexiest. 

Here’s how I approach my workout gear in order to allow it to crossover into real life:

  1. Only buy workout gear that flatters - It may seem obvious, but a lot of times we write off our gear as something we don’t need to care about, because “no one’s going to see it anyway.” But what if someone does see it? What you get interviewed on the news after a natural disaster and your belly is there hanging out on film for all of time (okay, that’s a huge What If, but you understand the hyperbole)? You’ll eliminate a lot of worry by applying your filters for best fit, best colors, and best proportions to your workout gear.

  2. Remember your personality - just like figure flattery, personal style can still be incorporated into your workout outfits. Don’t buy that coordinating baby-pink workout outfit when you love to wear all-black goth-inspired ensembles. The fitness world is constantly getting more creative, and there are tons of moto jackets, commuter pants, cargoes, and cute sport bras to choose from. 

  3. Get inspired by “sporty fashion” - Even if you normally are not at all interested in casual looks, develop a sporty persona that does at least approximate your personal look by checking Pinterest and Google for “sporty luxe” “sporty trends” and other similar keywords. Those silk lace $1000 gauchos may not be your choice for daily life, but they may inspire you to wear jersey knit gauchos with a cool tee and baseball hat instead of skin-tight leggings.

  4. Speaking of jersey knits... - just because something isn’t sold in the Activewear section doesn’t mean it can’t be youractivewear. This moto I’m wearing on my hike is just a cute knit jacket from the juniors’ section, but it moves and breathes and moves just as well as anything from Lulu. Especially when it comes to toppers and statement pieces, take a look outside the workout section for pieces you love that just happen to be functional.  

Basically, when you stay true to yourself and your personal style, you will always feel comfortable and confident - even after wailing on your quads for a half hour. And if you’re going to drop cash on workout gear anyway, shouldn’t you get your money’s worth?