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Catching Rae

Sorry for the poor photo composition here; I was suffering from OMG-hurry-up-before-Hubby-gets-tired-of-camera-duty-itis. Where oh where did that convenient sense of shamelessness go...?

In any case, the star of this story is my new (to me) $1 pair of white jeans - wow, I finally understand how people can wear these and not feel like a ‘49er in long johns. These have just the right heft to transcend that gross white legging feeling and just enough stretch to allow me to do daily activities (like, um, sit down and bend over and stuff). Hubs even chided me for risking their whiteness on a bike ride, but I was Determined to wear them. 

Which brings around to my Serious Fashion Musing of the day: when did our culture become so collectively protective of casual clothing? Think of a Californian bicyclist, and you probably think of spandex and wraparound sport glasses. But if you think of a French cyclist? You probably picture a chic gamine in, like, crisp khakis and a pair of adorable loafers. Or a sundress. Or designer jeans and a button front. And if French ladies can “glow” in their street clothes, then so can I. 

So here I am in my all-white biking outfit. And just for fun, here are the pics from the park, too (check out the killer wildlife).