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Catching Rae

The Royal Treatment

Occasion: Emergency trip to Target for Draino, housecleaning, cooking, photo shoot with two fabulous ladies, casual dinner party.
Dress Code: Festive-casual
Outdoor Temps: 82°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Current & Elliott tee, Free People moto flare jeans, Ash wedge sneakers, Kelsi Dagger bag, official MLB ballcap, vintage chain necklace, unbranded leather cuff.

Game 3 goes down today, baseball fans! In celebration of my stepmom's hometown, I preemptively donned my Royals cap and matching outfit yesterday. Our team is playing the Blue Jays, so I didn't bother going too blue - that KC logo had to be the star. :)

To match the sporty hat, I went for a classic tee-jeans-sneaker combination, sneaking in little details that made me feel "dressed" despite the casual attire. My tee shirt was hemmed up high on my hip specifically to go with my flared jeans, the jeans themselves have a really fun moto detail I've loved since Balmain did it, and the white tips on the sneaks help balance the white shirt and prevent top-heavy-ness. 

The hat did come off once my company arrived, since I had to be able to evaluate light and take photos, but I was happy to support my team throughout the morning. 

But my favorite thing about this outfit? I finally had these jeans hemmed for lower heels. That may seem like a super obvious move for a stylist, but I had really been in love with the way they looked with 5" heels - legs for days (because yeah, I was practically on stilts). However, since I only had one pair of heels that high, and since I wanted to wear the jeans way more often, I bit the bullet and went for The Big Chop. So. Much. Better. And since the knee fit is perfect, I don't miss the extra length at all.

And yes, I will be wearing the hat again today.