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5 Easy Couple's Costume Ideas for 2015

Dressing up for Halloween is awesome! But not everyone is a fan of super-elaborate DIY projects, body paint, or expensive costume investments - especially when you consider the needs of two people instead of one. With that in mind, I thought I'd come up with a list of pop-culture-relevant couples costumes you can pull together without breaking your back (or the bank). 

1) Yolandi and Ninja Visser, Chappie (and their band, Die Antwoord)

Image found  here .

Image found here.

Chappie was definitely one of my very favorite films of 2015, but dressing up as the title character would take a ton of work and discomfort. Instead, howsabout channelling Yolandi and Ninja, Chappie's rave-rapper mommy and daddy? 

Yolandi's signature style consists of platinum baby bangs, a cheerful yellow-pink-aqua color palette, and whimsical prints like kittens and hearts complicated by revealing crop tops and short shorts. Use some makeup on your eyebrows, hit the thrift store for a baby tee, and let it all hang out.

For Ninja, capture the magic with tons of temporary tattoos and some large-scale political prints - American flag, dollar bill, that kind of thing. If you don't want to go shirtless, opt for a loose tank top or military-inspired vest.

Oh, and don't forget the gigantic machine guns. 

Got a larger party? Give serious thought to Baby Chappie or Puppy Chappie. 


2) Sir Thomas Sharpe and Edith Cushing, Crimson Peak

From Crimson Peak theatrical poster

From Crimson Peak theatrical poster

Crimson Peak only just came out, but you have a fairly iconic costume to work with.

Edith's blood-soaked white figure is the image that will make this costume pairing translate, so the first order of business is to acquire a long, loose, long-sleeved white dress. Check Ebay and your local thrift stores. Then you can either spatter the bottom with fake blood or dunk the bottom third of the skirt in RIT dye. Add long, center parted waves (either your own or a wig) with pale eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Bonus points for ridiculously pouffy sleeves.

Most men will probably already own black slacks and a white shirt, so all you really need here is a black, British feeling topper. Try either a long, Gothic blazer/jacket (depending on how cool it is in your neck of the woods) or a slim-fitting vest. Luxe fabrics like velvet, satin, and brocade will help the black look more interesting. You can also add a scarf to tie ascot-style and help keep that collar broodingly popped. Slick your dark hair back, shave, and you're done. 

You could also dress up your kid/baby/BFF/actual sister in a red ball gown as Sister Sharpe. Or a mutilated ghost. Just sayin'.


3) Owen and Claire, Jurrasic World

Photo by Chuck Zlotnick - © 2015 - Universal Pictures

Photo by Chuck Zlotnick - © 2015 - Universal Pictures

You might not find this duo very Halloween-y looking, but these looks just might be the easiest to pull off - very nice for those last-minute events. 

Let's start with Owen, this time, because the Dino Whisperer is definitely more costume-y and iconic. Pull out all your brown, green, and khaki camping/fishing/hiking clothes, and pretty much wear them all at once. Don't shave. Either slap on some fake dirt or roll around in the real deal, and pick up a toy tranquilizer gun. 

For Claire, you do pretty much to be a redhead for the night - so if you aren't ginger by nature, pick up a cheap red wig in a classic bob-with-bangs cut (if you are short for time and can't find the right style, you can also cut the wig in to the correct style at home). White/beige/pastel shirt tied at the waist + white/beige/pastel a-line skirt + purple tank top + stupidly high stilettos that would totally sink into all the dirt and mud in a jungle environment and prevent you from sprinting = perfect Claire. 

For others in the party? Don't even think about the kids - you gotta go raptor.


4) Jupiter Jones and Caine Wise, Jupiter Ascending

Promo Poster for  Jupiter Ascending

Promo Poster for Jupiter Ascending

Cain is another easy one, as long as you know where to find a good selection of black clothing on the cheap: Black tank top, bicep tats, leather (or faux) pants, studded belt, studded bracelets, pointy beard, major guyliner and serious waffle stompers for boots. Bonus points if you want to spring for the wings and elf ears.

For Jupiter Jones, you have a couple of options: easy and elaborate. To take the easy way out, model your look after Earth Jupiter. Start with a big ol' toilet brush (a NEW one, because... eww). Then put on whatever plaid shirt and jeans you happen to own, let your hair down, slap the eyeliner on, roll up your sleeves, and draw her weird identification tattoo on your forearm. 

To get more geeky/glamorous about it, you can also try Jupiter's wedding outfit. This will take a good, long visit to the crafts store, but you can get a very readable outfit out of it with an old prom dress + avalanche of blood red silk flowers + headband + time + patience. You can find a pretty sweet makeup tutorial here




5) Max and Furiosa, Mad Max: Fury Road

Photo by Jasin Boland - © 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. - - U.S., Canada, Bahamas & Bermuda2012 Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited

Photo by Jasin Boland - © 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. - - U.S., Canada, Bahamas & Bermuda2012 Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited

Photo by Jasin Boland - © 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. - - U.S., Canada, Bahamas & Bermuda2012 Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited

Photo by Jasin Boland - © 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. - - U.S., Canada, Bahamas & Bermuda2012 Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited

As cool and deliciously dieselpunk as this duo is, it creates problems as far as costumes go: a) Max has to read as more than Some Random Dirty Dude, b) most women aren't equipped with a badass robot arm, and c) there's bound to be at least one person to veto Charlise's buzz cut. That said, let's get to it. 

The easiest path to Max-ness has got to be his steely Blood Bag muzzle. This Etsy seller is offering a DIY template for the muzzle for under $6. I also saw plenty of gray and metallic-looking generic monster masks at my local 99 Cents Only stores and Savers. Cut away everything that isn't a muzzle, and you're in business. Then all you have to do is wear a bunch of exteremely soiled beige stuff and combat boots. Bonus points for Max's crazy leather jacket with rifle pad.

On Furiosa's end, if you hit on enough of her distinguishing elements, the look should translate well enough. First, get your hair as close to cropped as you can - a low, tight bun would be acceptable, because the next key thing is to darken your entire forehead with black makeup, just like Furiosa does with wheel grease in the film. The robot arm is a tough one, but not impossible. Here's some inspiration from a DIY masterin case you're crafty like that. If you want the low-tech solution, glue/sew some robot-y looking stuff to a cheap opera glove. A pile of belts and dirt-colored clothes later, and you have a reasonably convincing Furiosa. Especially if you drag Max around by his muzzle chain. 


There you have it, ladies and gents: lots of costumed goodness brought to you through the magic of creative styling. Craft safely, and have a transformative Halloween. :)

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