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10 Reasons to Do Your Holiday Shopping Early (like NOW)

Halloween is only a few weeks away, which means the holidays will be upon us before we know it! The holiday shopping season traditionally starts with Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but I always vote to get the gifts out of the way as soon as possible - door busters or no door busters!

But why is that? Shouldn't we all be trying to get the best deals? Here are my top ten reasons for shopping early:

  1. Surprise and Novelty Value: When everyone shops at the same time, we all get exposed to the exact same products. Shopping early means you will give a gift that is "out of sight and out of mind" and more of a surprise!
  2. Time to Think: Have you ever had to grab That Lotion Basket for someone just because you ran out of time? Getting an early start means you aren't in a rush.
  3. Time to Change Your Mind: Sometimes he perfect thing appears at an imperfect time. Plan ahead so you can edit and upgrade for your loved ones.
  4. Better Quality: Many times, items designed for seasonal sales are made more cheaply to offset the deep discounts at the register. This can mean inferior thread count and stitching, looser weaves on knits that will pill faster, cheaper materials on shoe soles, and less durability in general. IMO you get better quality with items that started at full price and were discounted over time.
  5. Less Competition: If you've ever been to a crazy sample sale, then you know that people can get buck wild at sales! If you shop before the holiday sales, you can avoid the worst of the pushing, shoving, mad-dashing, and shelf-emptying.
  6. Better Selection: What do you see on display during the holidays? Capital-H Holiday Stuff! And since everyone's buying the same Holiday Stuff, colors and sizes can go fast. Shop early and you get access to more colors, fabrics, and season-less options.
  7. Less Stress: I have yet to meet a person who adores fighting for a parking spot and elbowing people out of the way at each clothing rack. It just puts everyone in a bad mood! Take some of the stress off of yourself and shop on a quiet day!
  8. Better Deals??: In some cases, shopping early can nab you rock bottom deals on Summer of Fall items that stores need to move on out to make room for Winter/Holiday wares. That's more like 50% off rather than the 20-30% that I tend to see for Black Friday.
  9. Better Decision-Making: Sale blinders often make us pass up fantastic full-price items as we charge toward the markdowns - but sometimes the full-priced items are the better option... and they aren't always more expensive, either.
  10. MORE TIME WITH YOUR LOVED ONES: Who wants to spend Thanksgiving waiting in line in some department store parking lot? Shopping early lets you focus on the whole reason for gift-giving in the first place: quality time with the people you love!

One more way to make the holiday season even easier? Why not consider me as your personal shopper? I can bring the stores to YOU - all in colors and sizes for the people on your list! Please contact me if you're interested - I can even do a digital shopping list for those who are out of town or even more pressed for time. Limited appointments available.