Before she was a stylist, Rachel “Rae” Klewicki studied social science. And after she was a student, she found a good corporate job with a wealth management firm in Beverly Hills. She got to help lots of people, and she was actually very good at her job.


But as the years went on, she felt a curious sluggishness weighing her down. She was depressed and painfully bored with what seemed like everything. 


For a long time, she couldn’t put a finger on exactly what was wrong. And then one day she woke up, looked in the mirror, and realized to her horror that she didn’t recognize the person looking back at her.  

THAT girl looked like a blurry, generic figure shuffling pencils in the background of her own life. 

And from that point on, Rachel absolutely hated getting dressed, because every day felt like a complete loss of self. And as she will tell you, losing your self can do a number on your energy, confidence, and productivity.


She knew she had two choices: she could either accept that she’d always feel lost – or she could do something really different and actually use her degree for something!

Cultural Ethnography is the study of identity construction within cultures, so Rachel decided to turn the science back on herself and study the ways she could better represent herself within the culture of Los Angeles.


Once Rachel revived her image, the women in her life started to take notice – they all wanted to know what she had been doing, and she was thrilled to share what she had learned! 

Her process combines the principles of Identity Construction with a new technology that helps everyone look taller, slimmer, and more authoritative no matter what size they are.  She profiles every client to learn about her life goals and dreams, spheres of influence, ideal relationships and more – she firmly believes that every closet is a tool box to help us get what we really want out of life.


One day, a client came to Rachel for help shopping for an entire new corporate wardrobe to increase her chances of a big promotion – but instead Rachel rounded out her existing wardrobe with just a few new pieces. This client didn’t end up getting the promotion she wanted – instead, she was scouted by an even bigger firm, offered an even better job, and became one of the highest producers in the company (all while saving thousands of dollars over the previous year’s clothing budget)! 

From that day forward, Rachel knew she had to quit what she was doing and become a full-time Personal Stylist & Image Consultant!

Today, Rachel is a freelance consultant for professional women (and some men, too!), taking her services to women from Ojai to Orange County. Her specialties are mix-and-match wardrobes, interview and dating outfits, and easily repeatable outfit guides.


A lifelong fan of the arts, Rachel grew up in Southern California splitting her time between her dad's rock music stash, the library's Sci-Fi/Fantasy wing, and the local vintage/thrift stores. She regularly horrified her mother by creatively altering garments, and she later graduated UCLA's Department of Arts and Cultures where she studied Ethnography and identity construction, minoring in English. 

When she is not styling, she enjoys hunting for deals at flea markets and TJ Maxx, re-watching Firefly and Gilmore Girls, biking along the beach, and lazing about the house with her husband and three cats.