Style is your visual resume.

I care because I’ve been there.

I help professionals build confident outfits for business - whether that means a daily suit or LA business casual. Studies show that a great image boosts perceived intelligence, earning power, and negotiating ability.

Most stylists never had to work in a real office, and you can see that in today’s fashion ads!

I studied personal identity at UCLA, and I also worked at corporate offices in Beverly Hills & Century City serving high-net-worth clients for years before becoming a stylist.

These experiences helped me develop a unique approach to styling that is based on:

  • Personal branding

  • Corporate culture

  • Psychology

  • Body Proportion


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m a California native obsessed with the relationship between style and identity.

I always loved that clothes could instantly make me more confident. Even in kindergarten, I used to sneak off to the bathrooms for a wardrobe change… much to the shock and confusion of my mother!

This love of transformation drove me to earn my degree in Cultural Ethnography from UCLA in 2006. I studied how personal identity is created. It’s amazing how fully something as simple as as the color of a tie can alter how people see you.

After school, I continued to learn about real-world, high-stakes style - first as a corporate professional in Beverly Hills and, ultimately, as a Designer Stylist for Nordstrom. In 2011, I founded Subliminal Style as a way to reconnect professionals with the influential power of clothing.

When I’m not styling, I can often be spotted biking with my husband in Redondo Beach, hiking in beautiful Palos Verdes, or simply lazing on the couch with my three cats, binge-watching old episodes of Firefly.