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Personal Styling for Professionals

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Effortless Style for Professionals

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Rachel Klewicki’s Subliminal Style connects professionals with the influential power of clothing.

Numerous psychological studies prove that an attractive image directly boosts your perceived intelligence, perceived conscientiousness, negotiating ability, and earning potential - to put it simply, great style inspires the type of confidence that will affect your bottom line.

Rachel’s unique education in cultural identity - as opposed to Fashion aesthetics alone - ensures that your wardrobe will always make the right statement.




Los Angeles, Kansas City, Atlanta

(213) 545-1476


Areas of Service

Figure flattery & colors

Personal styling

Closet Cleanse

Group workshops

Personal shopping

Photos, video, & film


All this research indicates that our wardrobe choices might be a way for us to strategically nudge our own behavior in one direction or another.
— Michael Kraus, on his 2014 Yale University Study


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