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Today, even the most expensive clothes are largely mass-produced. But you are a one-of-a-kind, single-run, never-to-be-replicated miracle on legs - why should you dress like everyone else?



Whether you need to use more of your existing closet, dress a changing body, or are ready to evolve into a completely new look, I'm here to help you create an easy wardrobe that works to support, elevate, and enhance your individual lifestyle.

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What Is Subliminal Style?

The Subliminal Style process combines the art of dressing with math and cultural science to teach the world how to see you! I use your unique coloring, measurements, and interests to help you uncover a personal style that flatters you inside and out. No two style profiles are ever the same!

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Want to learn more about accessing the full power of your wardrobe - from the comfort of your own home? Follow along with me as I share helpful closet tips on my blog!

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My Practice

Do you struggle with outfit advice from TV and magazines? That's because style is an individual expression - generic rules just don't make sense. Why not try a system designed with YOU in mind?


Fashion may help you fit in. But great style helps you stand out.

— Rachel Klewicki, founder

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